Walking into the first music lesson can be a little intimidating at times! Am I going to be able to learn this? What if I can't do it? In my ten years of teaching, I've never had a student not learn something. Maybe your child has great rhythm, maybe he can hear a song and pick it out on the piano without reading the music. Maybe she wants to compose and make up her own songs. Maybe they're naturally a good sight reader and they want to learn all the classics (Beethoven, Mozart, etc). There is a place for everyone in music, we are here to find those strengths and to help your child develop them.

"We'll find your song and help you learn to play it"

Lea McShan - Piano Instructor


Learn the backbone of music and how it works


Discover your inner Mozart and create music of your own

Sight Reading

Pick up any piece of music and play it


Music is meant to be heard, learn to share your skills on stage

Ear Training

Hear a song on the radio and play it instantly without the help of sheet music


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Find Middle C, it's easy as 1, 2, 3!

Music has given me so many opportunities and so much joy over the years, nothing makes me happier than giving someone else the chance to experience it as I have. I love seeing the expression on a child’s face when they learn a song they didn’t think they could learn. I see it so often, a child will come in and surprise themselves and their parents with a talent they never knew they had! After 10 years of teaching, I’ve learned one thing for certain, anyone can learn an instrument, it just takes the right spark and the right support.

  • Theory
  • Sight Reading
  • Ear Training
  • Performance
  • Technique
  • Composition
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